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Club Fitting

Have you had your clubs fitted for you?

Having the right length, lie angles, loft and grip thickness on your golf clubs make up, is a very important component along with your technique that combine to give you the best chance to play good golf. Club Fitting involves an assessment of your current set with recommendations and adjustments to give you the best set up for your golf swing and game. The evaluation includes;

  • In-depth swing analysis using the latest Flightscope radar tracking technology & video analysis
  • All ball & club data emailed to you and available on the Myflightscope website
  • Evaluation of ball trajectory, distance, direction, swing speed, ball spin and more
  • Evaluation of the proper length both in setup and at impact
  • Checking of lofts and lies as old and soft clubs bend over time
  • Golf tips for your swing
  • Correct lie angle adjustment on loft and lie machine
  • Determining correct grip thickness on your clubs
  • Assessing right shaft flex and material to maximise distance and consistency
  • Checking of swing weight (how the club feels in your hands) and total weight
  • Correct golf ball fit which will maximise your distance and feel.
  • Driver, Fairway woods and hybrid fittings
  • Stockist of the latest Cobra clubs & Puma accessories

Aftermarket Shaft Fitting

JumaGolf are happy to announce that we have partnered with Pure Form to provide industry leading aftermarket shaft fitting.

Using the FlightScope to monitor and measure all aspects of your swing, we are able to provide you with the best shaft options to suite your game.

Club Repairs

Just as you get your car serviced your golf equipment needs adjusting and re gripping. Grip manufacturers recommend grips to be re gripped every 6 months if you play 3 or more times a week and every 12 months if you play once a week.

For all your golf repairs see Richard. Our workshop now has a loft and lie machine that only the golf manufacturers have and a wide range of grips and re shafting repairs at very competitive prices.

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