Get Better at Golf – Ultimate Package

Achieve your golfing goals

Program Details

Where: Calderwood Valley Golf Course/ Illawarra Golf Complex

Starting: Starting week commencing 18 July 2022

Duration: 10 Weeks – 2hr sessions (1 per week)

Training Type: Group Training – On the driving and on the course

When: See session timetables below


Lessons include:

  • In-depth Swing analysis using the latest Flightscope radar tracking technology & video analysis
  • All ball & club data made available to you on the Myflightscope website
  • Exclusive members-only content & take-home notes from your sessions via the Coach Now smartphone app
  • On-course playing lessons with Richard
  • The Scoring Method Workbook & JumaGolf Merchandise
  • Green fees
  • Range balls during tuition
  • Identifying faults
  • Correcting techniques
  • Practice drills
  • Driver and fairway woods
  • Chipping
  • Putting
  • Practice drills

Locations: Calderwood Valley Golf Course or Illawarra Golf Complex

Frequently Asked Questions

This is for you if –

You have had enough of all the quick tips from Youtube, Golf digest, The tour commentators, your well-meaning mates and “swing instructors”.

You are serious about improving your scores on course and don’t want to have to change your natural swing.

You have been worried that if you get “lessons” your scores will get worse. (I promise you in this program they won’t!)

You want to finally take your “range game” to the course.

You are willing to commit to regular training each week.

You understand that a true game assessment is done on the golf course in game-like conditions (not on a driving range!).

You understand that lasting improvement takes time and habits are created over weeks and months not from occasional “lessons”

You want to learn the game where it is played, on the golf course.

You enjoy training with others in a team like environment.

You are OK with doing what you “need” to do for improvement as opposed to what you “want” to do.

You want the time you spend on your game to be more productive.

You want your coaching $$$ to give a much greater value with some measurable results.

You have an open mind to trying new ideas and challenging your previous beliefs

This is NOT for you if –

You are not open to change and trying new ideas.

You are looking for a quick fix to your game.

You do not practice and play at least once a week or aren’t willing to.

You are not willing to try something different from traditional “lessons”.

You are looking for, or believe, that one on one coaching is best for you.

You believe a “consistent swing” is the secret to lower scores.

You think that just practicing more, or harder, is the secret to lower scores.

You practice what makes you feel good as opposed to what you NEED to practice for lower scores during competition.

If any of the above sounds like you, please do yourself a favour and don’t waste yours and my time going any further along this journey. This program will not be for you, and I wish you well on your own journey.

You will learn how to play the real game of golf!

You will create the right type of mindset to shoot lower scores for the rest of your golfing career!

You will learn how to train and play to maintain these lower scores for the long term.

You will learn how to track your progress even more in the future.

You will stop wasting your hard-earned dollars and valuable time on one-off lessons that don’t work.

You will enjoy the game again and share your insights with your friends.

You will also do all this for a much lower cost than individual lessons. A saving of nearly 50% in fact!

You will make some great new friends who will join you on your ten-week journey and give you great support just like team mates!

This will be individualised coaching in a small team environment for 10 weeks.

You will join a team of 4 like-minded golfers who want lasting improvement to their on-course results.

We will be training for 2 hours each session alternating between the range and the golf course.

The on-course sessions will be unlike anything you have done before in your practice. You will learn that the biggest influence over your scores is what you do before and after you set up to the ball and in between shots.

Skills training stations will be set up for the range sessions. They will be personalised to your individual needs at your level.

We will keep track of your improvement via My CoachNow App, which you will have FREE access to. This is one of the best coaching tools I have ever used! You will use this to post your scorecards from rounds and practice session results for my review before training.

All training sessions will be based on what research shows is the most effective way to learn and transfer new skills to the golf course under pressure.

As a certified The Scoring Method coach, I will give you access to workbooks, scorecards, purposeful practice cards and more all designed to make the game easier for you.

You will be doing ‘Deliberate Purposeful Practice’ with my regular feedback to fast track your learning and improvement.

You will feel part of a team that are all working towards a common goal.

You will have measured results that will show you improvement in the main scoring areas of your game.

You will have new habits that will continue to benefit your golf for as long as you play the game.

Small group sessions (4 people max) will be on consecutive
at Calderwood Golf Course/Illawarra Golf Complex (site to be determined weekly depending on program contents/weather).

The first week’s session will be on course, to assess your current game and create your improvement plan.

The second session will be at the range to start implementing your new training plan.

Each session, after that, will alternate between on the course and at the range.

Each session will be tailored to what your game requires at that time, which may change substantially or not much at all depending on your progress.

I have discovered that as you improve things can change quickly, and we may need to adjust our plan/goals as we go along. (Some have hit there 10 shot goals in just two weeks!)


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
4pm – 6pm 4pm – 6pm

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